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Larry Van Sant | Frederick, MD

Larry Van Sant

President of Sandler Sales Training in MD

Extensive Experience Developing and Building Sales Teams Through Reinforcement Training

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Larry VanSant

Larry combines real-life problem-solving experience, with coaching and communication, to provide solutions to the day-to day challenges faced by sales people, sales managers, and customer service professionals.

Larry has been a successful business owner and entrepreneur, professional speaker and trainer for over 25 years, delivering keynote addresses, management, and sales and communications skills training to small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies. Larry expertise can be leveraged to help professionals in any industry learn and implement a proven selling system that focuses not just on sales techniques, but on attitudes and reinforcement. 

“The sales training program you [Larry] have been teaching is having wonderful results. I have over 25 years in contracting with another 2D in government service. The program structure has tied many loose ends together for me and has helped me structure not only my own efforts for Migrate2 but that of our newly established reseller program.

In many ways, I have been a ‘Sandler’ sales person for years. Since beginning this course I have seen my sales cycle shorten; learned how to not chase deals and waste time; improved my own close rate by over 30%, and created better opportunities at the same time.

As I went through my Sandler Training program, I began to deploy a channel partner program and incorporated the Sandler sales process into it. Our pipeline at M2 has over doubled.Opportunities that once took a year to firm up and close…are now shedding or closing in a much faster sales cycle.

Within the year, as I stabilize this channel program, one of the requirements to the higher level partners will be to take your program.”

John Dwyier
Managing Principal, Migrate2

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He welcomes you to connect via Twitter or on LinkedIn.